According to Clause 81b, Clause 81c from the Law for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law of Private Guard Activity “PLEVEN SECURITY GROUP”, Ltd. is offering the following services:

“PETROMAX SECURITY GROUP”, Ltd. takes care of and ensures the security of more than 50 entities with physical security and over 600 through signal-alarm technique at the territory of Pleven, Lovech, Vratza and Bourgas – enterprises, banks, offices, departments, shops, warehouses, and private homes.

OUR MAIN principles:

- Observing all Bulgarian laws unconditionally;

- Complete loyalty to our trade partners and keeping the
confidentiality of their interests;

- Complete accomplishment of our partners’ requirements with
the best up-to-date technical equipment, security operative
and organizing approach and highly qualified professionals;

- Reaching ad maximum mutually beneficial contract
relationships with our partners;

- Fully reimbursement of property damages of the partners
resulting by criminal actions when the fault lies with the

- Accomplishment of active charity in the social and cultural


Сред нашите клиенти са: “Beta” JSC – Cherven Briag, “Boriana” JSC – Cherven Briag, “Foodstuffs Ltd. – Pleven, “EKO-EL” – Pleven, CT “Eurocom” – Pleven, “Water Supply and Drainage” Company – Pleven, Central Cooperative Bank – Pleven, “Chistota” – Pleven, BTC – Pleven, “Rodopa” – Veliko Tarnovo and many others are among our clients.
Main directions of services:

I. Physical armed and unarmed security of sites.

The professionalism and legality of the activities of “PETROMAX
SECURITY GROUP”, Ltd. establishes its successful reputation in
the security business. The accomplished security services
constantly expand, which is observed in both: the number of
the sites for security as well as the number of the employees in
the firm significantly increases. The firm can serve all security
needs in all branches of the national economy, different social-
economical, financial and social fields, cultural and sports
II. Security of valuable parcels and transport of hazardous

“PETROMAX SECURITY GROUP”, Ltd. has at its disposal all the
necessary technical equipment, arms and accoutrements for
reliable security of money and valuables as well as any
hazardous materials during transportation. The teams are
comprised of highly qualified professionals, equipped with all the
necessary safety guards and means of communication as
armoured vests, mobile telephones and radio stations. All
procedures are stipulated in special directions, with coding of
the intercommunications and are strictly accomplished in a close
interaction with the Police authorities.

III. Personal security / body guarding

Personal security is accomplished by trained in appropriate
schools and courses highly qualified employees of “PETROMAX
SECURITY GROUP”, Ltd. All requirements of the protected bodies
are unconditionally fulfilled as any information about them has
been strictly kept. These activities are accomplished top
confidentially and coded. The teams are equipped with all the
necessary technical and communication means, arms and

IV. Operative back-up of security services and production-
technological regime

- Constant, careful and tacit receiving feedback concerning the
quality of the security service and guards’ performance during

- Receiving information ahead of eventual acts of sabotage or

- Receiving information ahead of prepared unregulated strikes,
protest demonstrations and mass riots;

- Receiving information about deliberate or unintentional
violations of the work organization and technical regime;

- Receiving information about the loyalty of the employees
towards their employer;

- Collecting information about the liability of the partners,
clients, and associates.
V. Detective services

- Operative – investigating activity;

- Operative inquiry of different sites, physical and juridical

- Investigation the liability, property and financial status of
former, current and future trade and other partners;

- Accomplishment of analyses and prognoses;

VI. Consulting activity on all security problems

VII. Development of security projects of any sites