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“Petromax Security Group”, Ltd. was founded by the management of Karate Club “Petromax” aiming at providing some of the members of the club with options for professional realization as well as providing financial resources for the main activities of the club.
“Petromax Security Group”, Ltd. is a leading licensed security company throughout the region of Central Northern Bulgaria. The company works in the field of security activities for 10 years. It is registered under company case No 1380/22.10.1999 in the District Court of Pleven.
Company owners:
Rusalin Antonov Rusalinov – born on Aug. 20th,1959, former employee in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Educational degree – higher education
• Academy of Economics – Svishtov, educational degree – Master in Financing and Credit.
• National Sports Academy – Sofia, educational degree – Master in Karate Coaching.
• Holder of a black belt in Karate – VI dan in Shotokan Karate Do, VI dan in Ju Jitsu, VI dan in Police personal defence. Expert in security matters.
Nikola Zahariev Petkov – born on Dec. 19th, 1942.
Educational degree – higher education
• Academy of Economics – Svishtov, in the specialty of Business Accountancy.
Company manager:
Ljudmil Vutov Stoianov – born on Nov. 16th, 1956. Former employee in the state security system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Expert in security matters.
Educational degree – higher education
• Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”, educational degree – Master in Law.
• Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Sofia in the specialty of Public Order and Security.
Main subject of company activities:
“Petromax Security Group”, Ltd. is a company specialized in the field of protection and security. The subject of activities includes personal security /body-guarding/, security of valuable parcels and cargos on the territory of the Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Pleven and security of property of private and commercial customers on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The company is officially licensed for all the above mentioned activities according to Bulgarian legislation.

Company structure:
All company activities are structured in departments, sections and directions:
- Marketing and Sales
- Alarm Security Activities
- Finance and Accounting
- Human Resources – selection and qualification of the personnel
- Administration and Law
- Operational Duty Center
- Patrol Cars – signal alarm technique
- Check and Control Section
- Personal security /body-guarding/ and money transport security
- Alarm security, video control and access control
- Anti-fire precaution
- Detective services
- Others
Number of employees:
Management and Administrative Team – 26 employees
Security personnel – 397 employees

The Management and Administrative Team of the company is responsible for the organization, execution and services of all security activities throughout the territory of the country. The majority of the personnel members are former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense with great professional experience.